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Joseph wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is fantasizing sexually about a fake person a sin?
  • Will God forgive you if you commit a sin knowingly and repeatedly because of an addiction?


  { Is fantasizing sexually about a fake person a sin and will God forgive you knowingly sin? }

Paul replied:

Dear Joseph,

Both of your questions depend on what you decide, what you choose. This is because to be guilty of sin one must choose to do it.

So to intentionally, deliberately fantasize sexually about a fake person to get pleasure from it would be sinful. When we become aware of these thoughts that come into our heads we have the choice to either entertain them or reject them. We should always attempt the latter.

God can forgive a sin each time it's done, but there has to be true sorrow and a resolution to avoid the sin in the future. If one is obsessed or addicted to a particular sinful act, only God knows the degree of freedom the person had in their choice, and the degree of guilt (if any) there may be. But regardless, it's always good to take it to the sacrament of Confession in order to be forgiven for whatever degree of guilt there might be, and to receive the grace to be freed of this sin.


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