Alexandra Kanty wrote:

Hello there,

I have a question I would usually ask my priest in person but because I have social anxiety issues it makes it extremely difficult. I am a Catholic who will be 18 years old in August. I never received my First Communion, as my parents left the church when I was very young.

  • What would I have to talk to my priest about in order to receive my First Communion and be confirmed?

Thank you in advance and have a blessed Easter :)

Alexandra Kanty

  { Because of social anxiety issues, what would I talk to my priest about to receive the sacraments? }

Mike replied:

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for the question.

I'm unfamiliar with social anxiety issues so rather than guess, I’m going to let Fr. Jonathan or one of my colleagues answer your question.

I hope you understand that if you have a desire to receive your First Communion and be confirmed, you would inevitably have to meet with a priest and/or bishop.

Ultimately, he would want to ensure you understand what the Blessed Sacrament is and what being confirmed is all about. Proper reception of the sacraments always, or should always, involve a proper understand of the grace you are receiving through that sacrament.

  • Does this make sense?


Fr. Jonathan replied:

Dear Alexandra,

  • Who would you be comfortable with?

    • A Pastoral Associate?
    • A religious sister?
    • A director of Religious Education

I am sure your Church could find a suitable person to work with.

Fr. Jonathan

Bob replied:


Just tell him exactly what you told us and ask him how to proceed. My guess is that he would recommend an RCIA program, although it culminates at Easter, so you missed this year's program.

In any case, he will be excited and happy to hear about your desire so don't be afraid. You will be a blessing to him.

This is why men become priests: To bring Our Lord to the faithful, so you'll be making his day.


Bob Kirby

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