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Michael Schultz wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • How could lucifer, an angel that was created in Heaven with God, feel pride as to betray Him?

A pure spirit, totally free of any past material life and material desires, that is already in Heaven, already together with God (which is where we aspire to be), and with no satan to tempt him, chooses by free will to commit the sin of pride and betray God.

That would be the true original sin, and it just makes no sense.

  • Isn't it possible for any man or woman when they become spirits and get to Heaven also to feel pride, envy, greed, or whatever, and to also choose to betray God?

We are even more at risk. We have a material life behind, full of material desires. Free will does not disappear in Heaven, as Lucifer did enjoy it. So once spiritual and in Heaven, you still may choose evil and go to Hell in the end. Being there with God would seem just not good enough for some beings, even if they are pure spirits. This makes me think there are really no angels and therefore, no [lucifer/satan].

It's just God, Jesus Christ and us. That's all!


  { Is it not possible that any man or woman when they get to Heaven will also feel vices? }

Paul replied:


Four things to consider here:

  1. Angels are persons, which means they have free will and must say Yes to God's invitation of full union.

  2. There is no indication that they were in Heaven when they were tested. Being in Heaven means experiencing that full union with God, which was offered to the angels and rejected by some of them.

  3. Yes, angels are pure spirits, but humans aren't. In fact, after death when humans are disembodied, their souls naturally anticipate the reunion with their bodies.

    This reunion is in a glorified state which occurs at the end of history at the final judgment in the Resurrection. Nonetheless, angels, like the first humans, had no concupiscence. It must have been the sin of pride that led both to fall.

  4. When persons, whether human or angelic, are fully united with God in Heaven, there will be no temptation, desire, or will to sin. They will be fully fulfilled in being permeated by the love and life of God.


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