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Questions on The Holy Mass: both Ordo and Tridentine liturgies
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Posting date Questions
January 2018 Are you allowed to distribute the Eucharist to someone who is not Catholic but comes to Mass?
January 2018 What is the definition of liturgy and is this term only used by Catholics?
January 2018 What is the Church's official policy regarding Word and Communion services?
January 2018 Why wouldn't the keyboard be acceptable as a musical instrument for the Mass?
January 2018 Can you recommend a Sunday Missal for me to use?
January 2018 Why don't Masses on Saturday before 4:00 pm count for Sunday?
January 2018 Do you have to be confirmed to receive Holy Communion?
January 2018 Why is Latin a dead language and why do you talk in a dead language while you are in Church?
January 2018 As a 74-year-old, can I receive Communion if I'm single but sexually intimate with my boyfriend?
January 2018 What should I do if I know of unrepentant Catholics having sex and receiving Communion?
January 2018 If I go to Mass, would it be OK for me to work on Sunday, since our family really needs the money?
January 2018 Does a Sacristan bow or knee in front of a closed tabernacle and what if I have things in my hands?
January 2018 What is the proper manner for carrying the Cross in the procession and recession of the Mass?
January 2018 What should I say to my non-Catholic friend when she receives Communion with me at Mass?
August 2017 If I missed Mass since I was out of town but attended another church, have I committed a sin?
August 2017 When a Catholic dies, does a Mass have to be said for them to ease their passage into Heaven?
August 2017 Given my situation and marital history, can I receive Communion since I have gone to Confession?
August 2017 Is this older daily Missal with a table of Sundays and Movable feasts usabale for daily Mass in 2017?
August 2017 Did I commit a mortal sin by attending a Protestant church?
August 2017 What should I do if I'm having Masses said for people but I cannot remember their names?
August 2017 Since our youth don't grasp the Mass, Is it permissible to have one with a BBQ outside our parish?
August 2017 At a Mass, during the consecration, is an assisting Deacon also allowed to do what the priest does?
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