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Posting date Questions
January 2017 When a loved one dies tragically does that mean they weren't being watched over by God?
January 2017 Should my daughter observe Christmas if she is marrying a Jewish man and converting to Judaism?
August 2016 Though my parents insisted on it, if I never wanted to be a Pentecostal, can I now be a Catholic?
August 2016 What is the process for renouncing my Baptism and Confirmation?
August 2016 How do I bring back a fallen away Catholic who has a love for God but disagrees with the Church?
August 2016 Can you help a young, want-to-be-Catholic, Baptist address family and newcomer questions?
August 2016 Since I cannot just walk into a parish and join a service, how do I join and become a Catholic?
August 2016 Can you advise a confused atheist who is emotionally Catholic yet cognitively atheistic?
August 2016 Based on the views in my e-mail and seeing I want to join the Church, am I fit to be a Catholic?
August 2016 Is this a gift or a cross to bear, how do I stop this, and could a shaman's view on this be correct?
April 2016 Can I get your thoughts on my eligibility to be Catholic in light of my specific marital history?
April 2016 How can I tell whether this is a sign from God that He wants me to be a teacher?
April 2016 How would a Catholic reply to a claim that there are numerous contradictions in the Bible and does God have faith in us?
April 2016 If I was baptized Catholic but confirmed Episcopalian, what's needed to receive valid sacraments?
April 2016 Do they have a process in place that welcomes newcomers and converts into the Catholic Church?
April 2016 What should I do if my husband wants a divorce and an annulment but I want marriage counseling?
April 2016 If you fall in love with someone or they fall in love with you, is that from God?
April 2016 Why do I have to convert to the Catholic faith for my fiancee and why is being Catholic so special?
April 2016 Seeing I am being drawn to the Church, will the Church recognize our marriage?
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