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After seeing Abby's transformation from running a Planned Parenthood clinic to joining our efforts to help women and save lives, I believe that anyone can change their mind on abortion. Hear her out.

— Shawn Carney
   Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life

Unplanned — What she saw changed everything.

September 7, 2020 Update:

Warning: Face masks from CovCare are made in China!, not Staten Island.

I wanted to bring up a few issues and ask that you keep them in your prayers:

  1. The peak traffic season for our web site is during the Lenten and Easter seasons of the Church. That said, from June 2018 to May 2019, the 12 month average was: 40,817 visitors (March 2014: 53,153) but recently the monthly averages have gone down to about 9,000 to 15,00 visitors a month.

    After reviewing this issue a little more it appears my Web marketing company (whose name I prefer not to mention) has installed an artificial intelligence component that detects objectionable content by the words found on each page. Any pages with objectionable content are blocked from having ads on them or (probably) being in any Google search result. The company is a Google certified partner. I told them that I refuse to change any content on my site to meet their secular, monetary needs and explained to them:

      When (questioners ask us a question) and/or (we answer a question), many of the questions deal with all aspects of humanity and certain, so-called bad words have to be used so (we can understand their question) and properly answer it.

    They initially suggested creating a white list of acceptable words for my site but the platform quality team followed up and said they could not provide a white list due to Google policies. Because of this, Google is blocking NEW visitors to our site. What can you do? Three things:

    1. Write to Google and tell them to make an exception based on the type of work we do for the Church.
    2. If you have been helped by the work of my team of volunteer Catholic apologists, theologians, philosophers, and grammarians, please spread the word about, our mission, and our reputation.
    3. Contact me using the About Us page and share with me any Ad Manager who I could work with to make a little more income; CatholicAdNet is great but I hardly make anything using it.

    If you are a specialist in SEO Search Engine optimization and can provide some help and assistance for someone on a Walmart income, just contact me. The following pages may help get the word out:

    (Feedback from E-mails)
    (Awards won)
    (What our cardinal said in 2007)
    (Website reviews)
    (Web Admins: Add us to your links page)
    (Other ways you can help.)

  2. Second, If you could pray for both my brothers it would be appreciated. I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my older brother Stephen William Humphrey III; please continue to keep his health in your prayers. My younger brother Mark has also been laid off from his job and has not received his first unemployment check in a while; the federal and state politicians of Massachusetts have provided no service or support to the citizens of this Commonwealth for too long. In my opinion, the Unemployment system is technologically obsolete. If we had done what President Trump had said (go from the Feds directly to the citizens, bypassing the state, my brother would have a check in his hand.)
    All Souls Novena by Fr. Daniel A. Lord S.J. by Queen's Work, St. Louis 1947
  3. Third, I wanted to share my suggestions for the clergy sex abuse issue we have in the Church. You can read it here:
  1. If you know someone who has a bulk quantity of the All Souls Novena by Daniel A. Lord please contact me using my e-mail address: Mike Humphrey's E-mail address.
    We need to find copies of this mini-booklet that we can buy in bulk for a reasonable price for our FREE Purgatory Prayer Program.

  2. One of the biggest concerns I have is that many visitors may not be aware of the other Catholic devotional and apologetic services I maintain like:

Thanks again!


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