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Mike Humphrey wrote:

Hi, guys —

Some of my coworkers and friends talk a lot about playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I thought this game had satanic origins.

  • Am I mistaken?



  { Does the "Dungeons and Dragons" fantasy (RPG) role-playing game have satanic origins? }

Bob replied:


Dungeons and Dragons, in itself, is not intrinsically evil. However, it is capable of being misused and may serve as a vehicle for the occult. I have not played the game and cannot comment as an insider, but I can evaluate the results of others, which clearly have demonstrated a link to the occult under certain conditions.

Any Christian should be mindful of any game that play-acts divinizing rituals.

While many may be able to pretend without investing their will in a summons of spirits, others may become so enthusiastic that they literally summons spirits that could possess them or offer some harmful influence.


Bob K.

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