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Kevin and Stormy wrote:


  • What should I do with blessed, broken Rosaries?


  { What should I do with blessed, broken Rosaries? }

Eric replied:

Hi Kevin,

If they cannot be repaired, or you do not wish to repair them, bury or burn them.
You can try to find a site that will repair rosaries if you wish to get them repaired.

The Sisters of Carmel Rosary Repair is no longer accepting Rosaries to repair.

  • Maybe they know of an organization that can assist you in this area or
  • you can ** google ** for an organization.

Sisters of Carmel Rosary — Contact Us.


Mike replied:

Hi guys,

Similar to what Eric said, I do one of two things:

  1. Try to find someone who does Rosary repairs, and, depending on your current financial situation, I'd let them keep the Rosary as the wage for their work, or

  2. If it is something beyond repair I would destroy it beyond recognition.

    You don't want to be overly paranoid in doing so; nevertheless, you want to make the Rosary unrecognizable so a person, who may be on the spiritual dark side and is against Christianity, could not use it for blasphemous purposes. This also goes for other Church-related items a priest or the Church has blessed, like:
    • the Palms from Palm Sunday
    • crucifixes
    • statues of Jesus, Mary, Joseph or any of the saints
    • medals of saints, or
    • anything consider holy by the Church.

Finally, check with your local parish or diocese just to make sure they don't have a process in place for the disposing of blessed, religious items.

Hope this helps,


Kevin replied:

HI guys,

Thank-you for this information. 

That's what I thought you should do but I just wanted to confirm it. 

Some of them are just plastic so they are irreparable and these plastics will be able to be burned.

Thanks again,


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