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Richard Beal wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What am I suppose to think about this one?

This YouTube video might be a little hard to believe. James Leininger is an 11-year-old with an incredible story. He believes he is the reincarnation of a WWII Navy fighter pilot and surprisingly, he's not alone.

James loves planes. He also has a deep knowledge of how they work. This knowledge seems to come from nowhere.

In addition, James had violent nightmares about a particular crash. His parents began investigating the nightmare and his strange knowledge. This led them to friends and family of James M. Huston Jr.

Huston was shot down over Iwo Jima in 1945. This is an eerie and touching story.


  { What do I make of an 11-year-old boy who believes he is the reincarnation of a WWII fighter pilot? }

Roger, a pontifically-certified Catechist of the Holy See replied:

Hi Dick,

Suppose a military film was being made and the producer had the means to capture every event in war that ever took place in the most minute of details, including bombs, bullets, individuals with names, dog tags, and every location of every plane crash that ever occurred during battle.

Keep in mind that Satan has every bit of that information, and for purposes of deception, he can and does confer such information to various individuals (other than the one's who actually experienced them) after such events take place. We have no idea about the background of this boy or that of his parents, and whether or not the parents are into nefarious practices. There could even be what is known as a generational curse involved here. In either case, since this boy is an advocate of reincarnation he is being fed by Satan, a demon, or a damned soul.

Reincarnation is a false concept for a number of reasons, but there is no doubt this false philosophy has an advocate in the western media as witnessed by the coverage of this young boy. In fact, we've seen an explosion of non-Christian Eastern Religions throughout every form of media with blistering attacks against Catholicism.

  • From Buddhism to Hinduism
  • from Martial Arts to Yoga
  • from Transcendental Meditation to the occult
  • and Christian Zen

we have seen a relentless push to undermine Christianity.

In fact, Eastern thought has found its way, not only into the media, but into Catholic Workshops, Retreat Centers, Religious Orders, and into the mind set of many who call themselves Catholic but no longer hold to the doctrine and precepts of the Catholic Church. Combine this with the fact that we live in the day of relativism (the denial that absolute truths exist in reason, morality, and faith) and you have compounded the problem.

There are many advocates of reincarnation (in the western world, in particular) who mix and match theology and philosophy for the sake of being Eclectic. Eclectic is a buzz word often used by those in rebellion, but it's use, by these people, is always puerile and indicative of a soul that is searching but refusing to see because they do not want to give up their sin. They use this word to massage their ego and to sound profound in tandem with an attempt to assuage their guilty conscience so they can scratch any itch they have. Invariably it is a word used with a furrowed brow which is indicative of two things: insecurity and pride.

If we are:

  • divine (as advocates of reincarnation believe)
  • and if all is one
  • and if there is no transcendent creator who is other than created reality

  • Who then, is it that caused the original breach in this alleged absolute one to begin with?

We must keep in mind there is a difference between simultaneous existence and shared essence. The distinction between the two does not blur the distinction between essence and entity just because all things simultaneously exist. In fact, all is not one. All things simply exist simultaneously in their own subjective/objective relation to other things. Nothing that has been created is divine in its own nature.

  • What does this mean regarding Eastern thought?

Eastern thought is into the fix for that which we suffer without accounting for the origins of what we suffer. So, when the Dalai Lama wishes to pontificate and says:

"We are in a quest to return to our original innocence."

A question must be asked of him, and it is this:

  • Who is it that made us lose that primal innocence to begin with?

If there is no transcendent creator, then the flaw which caused this primal breach, this primal loss that caused us to lose our original innocence, is intrinsic to the Eastern concept of reality. This renders their hope for enlightenment impossible to achieve because the breach, the inherent flaw which caused us to lose our primal innocence, lays dormant, at best, in this absolute one, and will occur again because of an inherent dualism in Eastern principles. The Yin and the Yang must each have their way and this, in itself, cancels out the concepts of reincarnation, karma, enlightenment, etc.

What we see in Eastern thought is none other than a grasp at divinity, as did Adam, and a desire to self-redeem, and nothing more. It is Adam's children in rebellion, grasping at divinity, but in reincarnation we find impenitence before God. Instead of repenting, man fashions his own methods of self-redemption which can do nothing for him. He is bound to live only according to the "Natural Law" of morality which, at best, serves as a vestment for decent living which is used to cloak the evil found within concepts such as reincarnation. None of it can redeem him.

Only Christ can redeem man.

People who have turned from God enjoy anything that makes them go uuuu and ahhhhh, so long as it justifies their rebellion. This is precisely why we see the media run the story of this boy.

Things like this do not surprise me. I could point to stories of possessions where the thoughts of individuals, that were impressed on them by Satan during the exorcism, came out, revealing things hidden in the lives of others, including things that would be found in other locations (giving the appearance of the divine) that would far outweigh what is presented concerning the coverage of that young boy.

Sad to say, but it's the case.

Remember in the Gospels, a child was possessed from birth, and Christ was asked how it could be. Parents can curse their children, or the cause of possession could even be a genealogical curse that can result in possession of offspring. In fact, we all suffer because of the sin of those who have gone before us all the way back to our first parents. Keep in mind, Satan is given a certain degree of power over such people and can input sensory phantasms into their imagination and can convince the person he is duping that the phantasms he implants are credible. This is something the recipient of those phantasms end up believing they actually experienced in past lives they've allegedly lived.

Any connection to the past of another individual, that is then internalized and turns to be an advocate of things such as reincarnation, comes from an inspiration from the enemy below.


Mike replied:

Hi Dick,

I just wanted to emphasize one of Roger's many points.

It's interesting that when videos like these come up, they mention nothing about the family's background, yes, even on personal issues.

These issues are important because they give a truer understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes.

In my opinion, videos like these are meant to instill doubt into the un-catechized Christian,
who, these days, may say they are a Christian, but whose faith is centered around a Simpson's mind set. If you don't know the faith, you'll lose the faith by default.

Catholic Christians can say the Creed every Sunday all they want, but if they don't cognitively believe in the seen and unseen, it's as if they have a Simpson's faith.

Just my opinion,


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