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Kevin Theriault wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is the Catholic Charismatic Church in communion with Rome?

I have recently been contacted by a priest who runs a seminary and he has been talking to me about what his seminary has to offer. I noticed that they state their beliefs on their web site under the Catholic Charismatic Church.

There is no mention on the site about the Holy See or the Holy Father. This raises some concerns for me. I have been researching on the internet but I can't find anything that really tells me if they are part of the faithful Church or not.



  { Is the Catholic Charismatic Church in communion with Rome? }

John replied:

Dear Kevin,

Yes it is, but it's a bit odd that it's being referred to as the Catholic Charismatic Church.

The Church has always had people who exercised the charismatic gifts (i.e. tongues, prophecy, healing, miracles, and so forth). In fact, these gifts ought to be quite ordinary and probably would be, if we would bother to teach people about them.

That said, the Church by definition, is charismatic. It was born on Pentecost with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The same Holy Spirit which gives me the gift of tongues and prophecy, gives another the gift of healing, but more importantly:

  • empowers the Church to administer the Sacraments\
  • guides the Church in matters of disciplines, and
  • prevents the Church from teaching error in the areas of faith and morals.

All that said, there are some people who prefer and practice a more charismatic spirituality
(for lack of a better term). These groups are not a church unto themselves. They are a particular renewal movement within the Church, along the lines of:

  1. Opus Dei
  2. Corsio, or
  3. other various Marian groups.

I wouldn't reduce the Charismatic Renewal to a devotion and I have problems reducing it to a spirituality because we are talking about the Holy Spirit and not some Saint. For lack of a better term, spirituality is close enough.

So by all means, Catholic Charismatic's are in union with Rome but they are not a Church, as many Eastern Rites would rightly call themselves.

In addition, there are also non-Catholic Charismatics in a variety of Protestant shapes, sizes, and flavors. Obviously, these would not be in communion with Rome.


Kevin replied:

Thanks a lot John!

At my parish we have a prayer group. I'm not a member, but I believe they would be considered charismatic. I really appreciate your clarifying the charismatic issues for me.

If you have sometime, I would appreciate it if you review the content on the seminary web site and tell me what you think, just so I am absolutely certain. [Website hidden.]

I really don't feel that they are the same as the group you are talking about. Like I said before, there is no mention of the Holy Father or Magisterium and I noticed today that they offer degrees to all denominations. Towards the bottom of the first page it has an address in New York with a diocese of St Anthony. I don't think there is a Catholic diocese in New York by that name.

If you get a chance and you don't mind, I would really appreciate it if you could check out their site and tell me what you think.

By the way, I am so glad I found ya'll!

The site is great!!

Thanks again and God Bless!!


Eric replied:

Dear Kevin,

I'm afraid I don't agree with my colleague. I agree with everything he says about the Charismatic Renewal, but the Charismatic Renewal that is part of the Catholic Church in communion with Rome would never style itself as a church or call itself the Catholic Charismatic Church.

This sounds like an independent church misappropriating the name Catholic. For example, if you look at the seminary's web page, they identify themselves with the "Diocese of St. Anthony" in New York with a bishop, Robert Russell. No such bishop or diocese shows up in Catholic-Hierarchy as a bishop/diocese in communion with Rome.

Therefore I would be highly suspicious.


Kevin replied:

Thanks Eric.

I just had a strange feeling about the whole thing and I hate to bother my parish priests with it
so thank God I found ya'll. I tried to research it myself on the internet but I really couldn't find
a straight answer.

Thanks so much for checking it out for me.

You guys are great!!

God Bless . . . . and thank-you!

Kevin Theriault

Eric replied:

Hi Kevin,

I found this too:

In the FAQ's they say:

Q. Is the Catholic Charismatic Church a part of the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Church?

A. No! The Catholic Charismatic Church is not a part of any other branch of the Church. The Catholic Charismatic Church is independent of any other church and has a Patriarch of its own.

In reference to the Roman Church; We regret to say that Rome is not in communion with us but they do recognize our orders as valid and we also recognize theirs as valid.


Kevin replied:

I guess that settles that!

Thanks again!  I will steer clear of their online courses!!


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