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Matthew wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am currently studying medicine and am a little more then halfway through the program.

I have two more years before I graduate, however, recently I have had doubts about continuing in this profession; I've been second guessing my vocation to pursue medicine. My question is:

  • How I do know if I am following God's chosen calling for me or if satan is trying to confuse me and take me off of God's chosen path for my life?

I have talked to other students, and they said it's normal to question being in medicine because it's such a huge commitment. That said, how do I know if this is from:

  • God
  • satan, or
  • something else?

When it doesn't come to sinning (i.e.: stealing, killing, etc) , . .

  • How does one know whether it is:
    • the Holy Spirit communicating with you, or
    • satan trying to ruin someone and their vocation?

I have prayed about this, but it still seems a little fuzzy.

Everyone I have asked, including my close friends and parents, have told me that I would make a great doctor and that I should continue with my studies. I know that the Holy Spirit can talk through other people, but so can satan. I'm just confused.

I just want to make the right decision so that I can do the Will of God and have peace in my heart when I'm older.

Thank you for your help,

P.S. — Great web site; I love it!


  { How I do know if I am following God's chosen calling for me or if satan is trying to confuse me? }

Mary Ann replied:

Matthew —

In the normal course of events, God leads us through the good desires of our hearts. We are free to choose which work we wish to do. If you wish to be a physician, that is a good thing and you are free to choose it. If God has another vocation in mind for you, He will draw you to it.

If you are having second thoughts about a career, and it is not just school exhaustion (the classroom part will be over shortly!), then take some time to sit down, think and pray about what you are trying to tell yourself with these doubts.

  • Why are you doubting?
  • What are your concerns?
  • What are your fears?
  • What alternatives do you feel are passing you by?
  • What sacrifices are you willing to make, or not make?

Talk to others who are further along. Talk to mentors. Pray, think, evaluate, and decide. Deciding is a neglected part of prudence. It may take some fortitude to carry out your decision, whatever it is.

It is your life. If you lay it before the Lord, and dedicate it to Him, you will have peace.

Mary Ann

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