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Andrew Anonymous wrote:

Hi, guys —

You have all been so helpful already and I just wanted to thank you but I have another question that I need help with. It deals with violence in video games.

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember and highly enjoy them, however some of them are pretty violent. I have thought nothing of it until today. I do stay away from video games with nudity and sex, or at least skip or look away from the scenes that show this.

I just found out that the Pope spoke out against video games. Also, people on the web are constantly arguing against and for violent video games so searching on the web is no help to me.

I am not at all a violent person in real life and do not allow video games to influence my decisions and actions. I do sometimes get very angry when playing first-person shooters such as Call of Duty Online against other people because it is a competitive game and I can be a poor sport in these instances. I try to take breaks when I do get angry.

  • Is there is anything wrong with playing violent video games?

Thank you for your time and help.


  { Is there is anything wrong with playing violent video games? }

Paul replied:


I think you've discovered the two realms of personal viewing we should be aware of — sex and violence. These two realms relate to the commandments regarding human life: — sex, its beginning and — violence, its end. Since human life is sacred, as being the image of God, we need to respect this sacredness.

Watching sexual images inappropriately excites the lower nature. Watching violence, for most people, doesn't have the same effect as with sex; however like sex it can slowly desensitize us to the horror of sin, and lead us to wanting more.

When I was a kid we used to play cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers, and we would "shoot" each other with toy guns. I don't think this made me more prone to violence, or even desensitized me, however, video games and contemporary movies tend to be very graphic and gratuitous. And often today, unlike when I was a kid, the violence is directed at the good guys or the innocent, rather than the criminals.

So, I don't think there's a hard and fast law regarding the viewing of violence; but if you believe something will lead you further away from God in heart or in mind always try to avoid it.
We live in a culture filled with illicit sex and violence, so use your gift of prudence and do your best.



Mike replied:

Hi Andrew,

This is a common question; it's even in our searchable knowledge base.

There are a lot of quick answers there, so give it a try.

I searched our knowledge base and found these postings in addition to what my colleague Paul has said:

Seeing I've played these games with my nieces and nephews as a way of building a good relationship with them, here is a humorous answer to a related question.


Andrew replied:

Thank you for the help.

I really do appreciate all of your responses. I have already recommended this site to family members and am really glad you guys do, what you do.

I will definitely continue to use this site in the future!


Mike and Paul replied:

You're welcome!

Mike and Paul

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