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Andrew Anonymous wrote:

Hello Mike,

Just a Confession question. I really apologize for being explicit about impure sins but it's needed for this question.

  • How does someone confess sins of bestiality:
    • letting animals stimulate them, or
    • breaking the Sixth Commandment completely against animals?

Does it suffice to confess:

Mortal sins of impure abuse of animals, breaking the 6th commandment against animals completely.

Would the person also need to confess:

Allowing animals to stimulate them, meaning sodomy from animals orally.

or saying:

Mortal sin of sodomy: permitting animals to stimulate me on many occasions.

  • Must a person confess all three types of these sins, or does the first sin mentioned cover everything?

My apologies for being explicit.


  { How specific must I be when confessing my sins to the priest in Confession? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Andrew —

First, keep in mind the priest you go to has probably heard everything.

That said, all of us were created with the nature law. The nature law is that thing in our soul that tells us something is very right or very wrong, without someone else telling us so.

As I said in a previous answer to you, quoting the Catechism, you want to be open in these cases, though it can be embarrassing.

Remember humility destroys the demonic in our lives.

I have no idea what exact sins you have committed and to what degree. What you suggested sounds fine to me but you want to get counsel or advice from your Confessor.

After going over some of the embarrassing sins, ask him how you should confess these sins in the future, if you again end up in a weaken situation.

One of the great things I like about Confession is that you always receive extra graces for the sins you mention to the priest. For that reason, if you do not mention them, you can spiritually die.

Do not put yourself in the situation of the prideful, shot-up soldier. He told the Medic about the bullets in his arms, legs, and feet but because he was too embarrassed didn't mention the wounds in his groin area so he dyed.

Hiding any known sin invalids the sacrament and is spiritually dumb!

You said:

  • Must a person confess all three types of these sins, or does the first sin mentioned cover everything?

Start mentioning everything then again, get counsel or advice from your Confessor on how to handle future problems if you get tempted again and most of all:

Never put pride or embarrassment before the Divine Mercy of Jesus who waits for us in Confession.

I hope this helps,


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