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Nick Schaffield wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am trying to answer a question that I think is an important one in today's society.

I am a fifteen-year-old Catholic and want to do my best to serve The Lord. I just don't know what types of things to do that aren't sinful. For example, I used to play Magic the Gathering all the time. Now I realize the troubles associated with that game: (creepy and evil things as well as sorcery, etc.) and don't play them anymore.

I love to read but it seems that pretty much every book for my age group has been polluted with sinful practices that change my ways of thinking. I like board games but can't have people over to play every few hours. I play Star Craft II games, (a Military Sci-fi strategy and skill game) with my friend, usually for about an hour a day and use the internet to watch videos or play games on my iPad a little longer.

I could cut back on electronics a bit but I don't think that the main problem is the time but rather the content. I cannot figure out what to do in my free time that isn't sinful. I know that there are things out there.

I just was wondering what the Church thinks is wrong or if you have any recommendations.

Thanks so much,

I really appreciate it any feedback!


  { At age 15, what type of activities would the Church approve of with my free time? }

Bob replied:


If it makes your conscience question it, find something else. You are already ahead of your peers because most of them don't even care, but you have learned to listen to your conscience.
Don't ignore it. The Church would tell you whatever Jesus would:

  • What would He tell you to do?

Take up something that demands some level of skill besides the games and recreation you mentioned. Here are a few ideas:

  • musical instruments
  • electronic music
  • athletics
  • art
  • photography
  • back packing/mountaineering
  • archery (bow hunting)
  • chess
  • and the list goes on.

Use your imagination, get to forming a life skill that you can have fun with, and you may even impress some girls along the way which will add to your motivation to get better.

Youth is about adventure and finding your gifts. Branch out, don't think small.

  • Besides video games, what are you good at?

Your faith isn't a set of don'ts, but rather do's.

Do something better that will bring glory to God, yourself, your family, and your country.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Hi Nick,

I don't want to take away from Bob's very good answer but, being a big fan of Star Craft II myself, I wanted to share these postings that you may find helpful.

The key to video games:

It's a question of whether it damages or desensitizes you and your Christian morals or values or whether takes time away from prayer and study time. These postings from our database may help:


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