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Joleen wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm struggling with fornication and I have been to Confession many times and have repeated the same sin mainly through alcohol with my boyfriend. I'm afraid God won't forgive me anymore.

  • Will there be a time when He will refuse to forgive me?

I don't want to be damned to Hell.

Please help.


  { Since I'm always battling this sin, will there ever be a time when God will refuse to forgive me? }

Bob replied:


God will never give up on you. He loves you!

  • Would you give up on your child?

He does want to see you stop fornicating because He knows that it is hurting you. If you were driving towards a cliff He would warn you to stop not because He doesn't want you to get Him angry but rather because He doesn't want you to go flying over the edge to oblivion.

Don't stop going to Confession, you need to keep your conscience from getting numb. Think about what it would take to really stop . . . and then try it.

You may be afraid of pain, breaking up, loneliness, rejection, lack of feeling and pleasure, emptiness, etc. The truth is you will have more completeness and joy when God has taken the central place in your mind and body.

  • Satan is the master of fear.
  • God is the master of joy and wholeness.

Think about the trade.


Bob Kirby

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