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YogaGoneWrong wrote:

Hi, guys —

I got so lost in the culture of yoga, the chakras, the meditation, the speaking to the angels, and all the new age stuff that I didn't realize how far it was from the Catholic faith. I just drifted away from my faith. I was:

  • buying crystals
  • doing energy healing, and
  • it all seemed perfectly harmless and good for you.

Then I woke up. Something inside me realized what was going on but before I knew it, I was in so deep. I'm talking about a spirit attachment.

Now, I have a constant buzzing in my left ear. I thought something was wrong so went to doctor. Everything checked out okay with respect to my MRI. I have gone back to church — going every day and say the St. Michael's Chaplet twice a day but in the middle of the night, I'm awakened by vibrations. It has become scary. I regret it all! I pray to Mother Mary. I pray I won't ever be separated again from her or Jesus.

I told my priest about this and had a full Confession . . . we also repeated my Baptism promises. I still have my free will and am not possessed but certainly some things are still not quite right.

  • My question is what else can I do?


  { What else can I do to quicken my detachment from a yoga culture full of new age crap? }

Mike replied:

Dear YogaGoneWrong,

For someone who is trying to pull out from a spiritual darkness like your, you appear to be doing all the right things.

  • Go to Sunday Mass and, if possible, go to daily Mass.
  • Pray the St. Michael Chaplet
  • Go to Confession (but make sure it's on a regular basis) and
  • Pray to Mary (but keep the focus for now on a structured way of praying on the life of Jesus and Mary; I recommend saying the Rosary often, at least daily.)

I would also recommend sitting in the Presence of the Lord at a local Adoration Chapel. If possible, make one (or two) hourly commitments on a weekly basis at the Chapel.

You can't repeat your Baptism since someone can only be baptized once. I think you meant to say that you renewed your baptismal promises, which is always a good, healthy thing to do.

Your local priest, if he is faithful to the Church, will be able to discern how deep your spiritual attachment is and whether more is needed or not.

Sometimes the Lord sets a trial before us to test how strong our love is for Him. Persevere and know He is always there to help us along the way back to Him.

I hope this helps,


YogaGoneWrong replied:


Thank you for your prompt reply!

It has been a journey and looking back, I can't believe I bought into it. I have consecrated myself and family to Mother Mary. Father suggested it early on — It helped. I felt a warm sensation and at times my body felt like It was on fire while praying. It doesn't happen so much anymore — there's just a little heat. I understand this is energy from the prayers.

I just want it all to end and return to glorifying God normally. If this is a lesson, I deserve it!

The new age stuff is dangerous! No one should even attempt it, even if they are the most happiest, walking-in-the-light, positive person. The person will have no idea what or who they are really dealing with!!

I'm glad to be alive and loving my family. I feel absolutely horrible for putting them through this and pray for their protection.

Again, thank you and please pray for me and my family.


Bob replied:

Dear YogaGoneWrong,

We'll keep you in our prayers.

God Bless you!

Bob Kirby

One of our colleagues, Andrew replied:

Dear YogaGoneWrong,

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but let me recommend that you get some guidance from an expert on the spiritual life, St. Francis de Sales. His book, Introduction to the Devout Life, is a guide for people living in the world, wanting to love God more and who want to set a steady course on the way to holiness, while they carry on their duties of ordinary life.

This web site seems to have a good, clear, and fairly recent translation, so it may be useful.

If you buy the book somewhere, look for a translation that is 20th-century, or newer. There are older translations from the 1800s, and some of them just seem to get in the way because of their antique style.

I hope it'll be useful. God bless!

— Andrew

John replied:


Just a couple of other ideas. You might want to get a solid Catholic spiritual director.

In addition, surround yourself with reminders of your faith:

  • Icons
  • statues, or
  • pictures.

Obviously a crucifix should have a place in your home. You can get a small holy water font to keep in your home. Your Church should have holy water available for people to take home with them. Bless yourself with it often:

  • when you pray
  • when you leave for work
  • when you come home at night
  • before you go to sleep, or
  • whenever.

Listen to good Christian music. There are all styles so choose something you like. Fill your life with these things. Maintain an attitude of praise and thanksgiving.

I'd also suggest personal Bible reading and study. I would read and meditate on Ephesians 6:10-20. It's Paul's exhortation on the Armor of God. I would go so far as to memorize it one verse at a time.

Another good text to meditate on is 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. That's shorter and easier to memorize. You want to internalize these passages to remind yourself that Christ has given us the means to defeat any demonic attack.

Finally, if you have the occasion, receive the sacrament of the Anointing of Sick. I'm a big believer in that great Sacrament of Healing. You mentioned a physical manifestation — a buzz in your ear.

This Sacrament (the Anointing of Sick) is meant for both physical and spiritual healing. It might help with this issue. It's best if received after a recent Confession. Most priests are willing to do it at your request. Sometimes they even have the oils with them in the Confessional so you can ask him right there.

Above all, know that you are forgiven. Satan has no authority over you so if you think you are under attack, remind him that you are a Child of God, redeemed by the Blood of Jesus, and he has no authority to oppress you. Then offer praise to God.

I hope that helps,

Warmly, Under His Mercy,

John DiMascio

YogaGoneWrong replied:

Hello Everyone,

I just want to give you an update on my progress.

I've been through the Unbound Program and now I'm about to undergo a thorough healing session with someone at the Church.

The buzzing celestial sound is still in my left ear. I sleep with earbuds playing Christian songs and prayers throughout the night (play list is 8 hours long). One morning, I woke up to find the left earbud (the sound of the buzz) blown out for some unknown reason.

I attend daily Mass and go to Confession about every 6 -8 weeks. Now, i'm an Eucharist Minster and have become deeply involved in the Church. I actually came to the point of accepting the residual as my Cross.

I pray to God, please just don't let anything come between my love for you, Jesus,and Mary — please do not allow me to sin. I thank God everyday for all his love for me which I don't deserve.

Anyhow, I attended the Call and Gifted Program and if you're familiar with it, you know an interview is part of the program. I shared my experience and he immediately said, No, this is not your cross. So, I'm going through another healing session with several experienced healers.

I asked if I needed an exorcist and he said No. I still have my free will and every morning I renew my Baptism vows and hand over my life to God of Moses and God of Abraham to do as He wills it.

Please pray for me and if you have any other advise to share, I'm all ears!


One of our colleagues, Andrew replied:

Dear YogaGoneWrong,

Having a constant sound of buzzing in one ear or both, with no physical origin, is probably not a spiritual condition, and probably not connected with your past new-age involvement. There's a very common hearing problem called tinnitus that people experience that way. I happen to have it. In my case, I have ringing and whistling sounds. People may get that after exposure to loud sound, or even without a clear precipitating event. It tends to increase with age.

Read up about this condition, and if your experience matches the symptoms, let your doctor know. He may send you to get a thorough hearing exam:

Finding out that this is probably just a regular human phenomenon is a case of good news and bad news.

  • The good news is that your ear noise is probably not caused by demonic influences, so you'll be able to get some excess worry out of your life.
  • The bad news is that for a lot of people with tinnitus there's no cure available, just treatments to reduce its effect.

I hope this helps. God bless!


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