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Hayden Lovelace wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it possible to obsess over God?
  • If so, is it a bad thing?


  { Is it possible to obsess over God and, if so, is it a bad thing? }

Mike replied:


The answer to your questions depends on one's vocation.

A faithful Christian father and mother have children to raise in addition to renewing their Sunday covenant at Mass and getting to Confession on a monthly basis. For that reason, in family life, there has to be a balance between:

  • fulfilling ones' responsibility as a parent with
  • each parent's personal devotion to the Lord (with whatever time they have left).

Making a holy hour each week would be a good example of how to spend this remaining time.
<If you don't have time for any hour on a regular basis, tell the head Adoration Coordinator you would be willing to be a substitute for an Adorer in emergency situations, for example:
anytime between
nn:00 pm and nn:00 am>

For a Christian parent to spend too much time with the Lord while neglecting their parental responsibilities would be a bad thing.

If someone is called to the religious life, that is a different case. They have more time and fewer family obligations, so they can maximize their devotion to the Lord. Those religious, with an extreme (obsessed) devotion, can get to the level of being a mystic.

I hope this helps and answers your question.

My colleagues may have more to add.


Paul replied:


It depends on how you're using the word obsess.

  • An unhealthy obsession is not good for anything, including religion.
  • On the other hand, having a zeal for God is very good.

Loving God and living for Him is how we find health and salvation.


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