Rami Habchi wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can the 15 promises of the Rosary be found in the writings of Alan de la Roche?

On the internet, they sometimes called him blessed but I couldn't find his name in the list of saints on the internet.

  • Is Alan de la Roche, Blessed Alan de la Roche?


  { Is Alan de la Roche blessed and can the 15 promises of the Rosary be found in his writings? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Rami —

This is a common question; it's even in our searchable knowledge base:


There are a lot of quick answers there, so give it a try.

I searched the knowledge base for you and found this web posting that answers your question:

The fifteen promises were originally given to St. Dominic during the during the Albigensian heresy.

A few hundred years later she also revealed them to Blessed Alan de la Roche, also known as Blessed Alan De Rupe.

I assume that since they were given to Blessed Alan de la Roche, that they can be found in his writings.

Hope this helps,


Bob replied:


I am not personally familiar with this Alan de La Roche, but if he is blessed that means he is in the process of canonization but not yet within the official role of saints.


Bob Kirby

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