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Matthew Thomason wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a practicing 35-year-old male Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic, received Communion early on in my life, and was even an altar server for many years. In my early adult life, I turned my back on the faith, became an alcoholic, and lived a life contrary to the teachings of the Church.

During this time, I got involved with a young lady with whom we have a four year old son. We had a civil, secular wedding in accordance with the laws and statutes of the state but never in the Church.

As a result of my alcoholism and other personal problems, we have now been separated for over three years and she says she wants a divorce. In that time:

  • I have had no other sexual relationships
  • have been clean and sober for almost a year, and
  • am trying to put my life back together.

A large part of that effort has been reconnecting with my faith. I have been to Confession and continue to go to Confession on a regular basis and attend Mass frequently.

  • As I:
    • am not living in sin
    • am not engaged in any unlawful sexual relationship with anyone at the moment, and
    • intend to live a chaste life, although the civil marriage has not been annulled and we haven't divorced — just separated,

      Am I eligible to receive the Holy Eucharist?

Kind Regards,

Matthew T.

  { Given my specific personal and marital background, am I eligible to receive the Holy Eucharist? }

Bob replied:


I don't see an obstacle at this point.

You should find a good priest to be a Confessor and maybe be a source of guidance in some of the difficult matters ahead.

We'll keep you and all this in our prayers.


Bob Kirby

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