Curious Carl wrote:

Hi, guys —

This is my first time asking you a question and it's not about my personal life.

  • What should I think about transgender people?

I can see some problems with them calling themselves something different from their birth gender or wanting their birth gender to be different.

I have no idea what the Church's view is and I'm just asking to make sure.


  { What should I think about transgender people? }

Bob replied:


Thanks for the question.

I would categorize people with gender dysphoria as mentally/emotionally ill. Despite what the current trend and culture says, these people have a great internal struggle that has nothing to do with being born in the wrong body. We must be compassionate and patient with these folks as they must suffer a great deal.

What to call them is another problem. You can say to a friend who wants to be called by a new name,

"I'm not comfortable with using a different gender name, when I'm not in agreement with altering your innate gender.
  • Can we agree to a gender neutral nickname that makes both you and I comfortable while you work this through?"
It would be important to stress that you love the person as a person regardless of their gender struggles, but you are never in favor of gender reversal when science and other disciplines have told us it is not a metaphysical issue but psychological one.



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