Diane Jarvis wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a baptized Catholic who lapsed from the faith and was civilly married and divorced twice.

I have reverted and repented in my heart for these, and my many other sins, and I would very much like to go to Confession and receive absolution.

  • Am I allowed to do so?

An answer is appreciated more than you know!

In Christ I ask . . .


  { If I have repented of my sins, lapsed faith, civil marriage and two divorces, can I go to Confession? }

Paul replied:

Dear Dianne,

Not only are you allowed, but I think it's safe to say Jesus awaits you eagerly in the Sacrament of Confession — to forgive, renew, and heal you with His Grace. Do not hesitate.




Diane replied:

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much!!

I pray for you and your ministry.


Paul replied:

Dear Diane —

Thank you!


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