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Janet Jackson wrote:

Hi, guys —

I attended a Catholic school, grades K-12. When I was 6-7 years old, I was baptized at my Catholic school church. My brother and I received the sacrament at the same service between 1979 and 1980.

I was a active member in my parish until 1998-1999. The reason I stopped attending is because I started questioning the validity of my Baptism. The priest who baptized me into the Church was arrested and found guilty of horrible things and my heart grew heavy and my mind wondered:

  • How could my Baptism have been valid and accepted if the person who was doing it, was not who he said he was?
  • If he did all these proven, horrible things, how could he accept me and allow me to believe, when he was not who he said he was?

I feel as though the devil laid his hands on me that day so many years ago, and has never let go.

  • Can I be rebaptized?

Janet J.

  { If the priest who baptized me was arrested and found guilty of crimes, should I be re-baptized? }

Bob replied:


If the Baptism was performed properly, it doesn't even matter if his ordination was valid, it still works and the Baptism is valid. God is behind the power of the Sacraments and, as long as the form and matter are valid, then they are fine. Anyone can baptize, even lay persons do it in some circumstances.

You could contact the parish and see if there is a record of your baptism, which should be the case. I wouldn't worry.

If someone from the parish or Bishop's office tells you there were problems with the sacraments he did, then you could have more of an investigation to see if a provisional Baptism is recommended.


Bob Kirby

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