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David Yashoua wrote:

Hi, guys —

I saw a video of a Coptic preacher saying, I went to a country far from Egypt (referring to Lebanon) and I sat with his priests there. We talked naturally and lovingly but when we sat talking about the prophecies about Christ in the Old Testament, I brought up the famous prophecy in Genesis 3:15:

15 I will put enmity between you and the woman.
(He explains) Satan and Mary.
and between your seed and her's
(He explains) The seed of the devil is the devil's while the seed of the woman is Christ. (He said last sentence in high voice.)
He will crush your head
. . . and the priest was upset there and cried She.

I told him this speech is satanic for it is written:

I have trodden the winepress alone; of my people, not one was with me.

Isaiah 63:3

I, I am Yahweh, and there is no other Saviour but me.

Isaiah 43:11

. . . and He said to the people there:

1 The Spirit has explicitly said that during the last times some will desert the faith and pay attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines that come from devils

1 Timothy 4:1 . . . referring to the Catholic nation.

And the video said, Mary is a co-savior and they made a song for her:

Mary, Mother of God, you are Partner of the redeemed. (a Lebanese song)

I have searched on this issue and found that Jerome translated that first word in the last verse (. . . will crush your head) to the Vulgate she although the Hebrew Scripture says He. In explaining the issue, they say it is referring to Mary's work in Salvation.

  • Is that justice?

I feel this thinking has washed the Church's brain. Even in the Immaculate Conception decree, the pope said she crushed the head of snake and I read in the Latin Church readings: Mary who crushed the head of snake.

  • I want to ask you, do we believe Mary is savior or co-savior or a partner in redeeming: that she saved us, not Jesus?

    (Please look to verses they mentioned and look tell me: are we wrong or not?)

Please help me and make my heart rest that we do not humiliate Our Lord in creating a partner of His Great Work that needed to come to our world.

Thank you,


  { If the Lord Jesus is truly God, why did He need Mary to complete His Great Work of salvation? }

Bob replied:

Dear David:

Do not fear that your Catholic Church is in error; She is not. Others do not teach correctly; they malign and distort, but most often misunderstand.

We teach clearly that Mary is not God, nor is equal to God, but she is exactly what God had in mind when He created humanity. She is God's perfect masterpiece of creation. She is His Work. We give glory to God for the awesome work He has done in Mary, and has shown to us what we are called to:

  • a purity of heart
  • a devotion
  • a surrender to His Will
  • holiness
  • love, and
  • a caring for his people, particularly His Church.

That is what we boast of in Mary: God's Grace, of which she is full. Now when it comes to dogmas about Mary, you must become educated. There are five particular teachings to Mary that we believe and though I can't explain them in full here, I would recommend Professor Scott Hahn's series which you could order here:

  • The Bible and the Virgin Mary, Part of the St. Paul Center’s Journey Through Scripture series, unveils the mystery of Our Lady that is woven into the fabric of Sacred Scripture.

When Catholics talk about Mary as Co-redemptrix, we are speaking to the special role Mary played in Salvation History. God has a job for each of us. He uses us in His Plan of salvation for the world. We spread the Gospel, we help the sick, the poor and needy, the imprisoned, and the sinner. God has chosen to utilize mankind in His Plan of salvation, because that gives Him more glory. He could do everything Himself, but He doesn't. He empowers us to do so, in His Own Spirit, the Holy Ghost. That is God Himself, acting in, and through, His Body, the Church.

Because Mary's job was singular, no other person could be the literal Mother of the Savior. It was her yes, moved by Grace, which pleased God to give her this unique role as Mother to all the Church. In a way, she is still bringing Christ to the world, through her maternal love and care for His Body, you and me. Nothing Mary does is apart from the Spirit of God which she is bound to. She is wed, like a Virgin who marries her Creator. She is modeling for us the perfect partnership of a soul united to God. What Mary is doing, is God's work through her. If Mary were to do anything apart from God, as if she had some power of her own, that would be useless, and worthy of the criticism that the enemies of the Catholic faith declare.

Don't be thrown off by Protestants or others who downgrade Mary; the truth is found in the Catholic Church and in the Bible. Please get the series on the web page above and you will see all the Scriptures point to her unique place in Salvation History as the Mother of God, Jesus Christ.


Bob Kirby

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