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Movie buff Mary wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a devout, practicing Catholic (young and single) who loves to watch movies.

I own four movies with (one to two) brief, non-explicit sex scenes. All four movies briefly show characters kissing passionately, in which the circumstances imply sex after which they all move on with:

When I bought them, I had forgotten that buying movies with sex scenes is very sinful. I only watch them every once while and when I do, I skip the sex scenes. I will also note that all four movies have been approved for adults to see by the Catholic News Service. The other two films are Skyfall and SPECTRE. I have not thrown any of them out because I have been told by other people I trust that it would be a waste of money. I love all four movies and don't want to give up watching and owning them. I also know why I like them. I do not enjoy the violence or sex and therefore I don't watch those movies for those elements. I grimace or wince when the bad guys get hurt or killed because even though they're doing bad things; I still respect life.

For Skyfall and SPECTRE, there are many things I enjoy about them, like:

  • the cars
  • the gadgets/technology
  • action sequences with little to no violence such as chase scenes
  • the stunts
  • the mystery that James Bond has to figure out in order to get to the villain and stop him or her
  • the moral uphill journey that Bond takes in SPECTRE which includes his pursuit of a long-lasting romantic relationship with the main Bond girl
  • Bond's patriotism and loyalty to his country, and
  • the fact that Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond makes the character more human, compassionate, caring, and vulnerable than the portrayals of his predecessors.

As for the two Star Trek movies, I like the relationships between the members of the Enterprise crew and the fact they are (fighting to protect innocent people/fighting for the common good).

Also, I have written fan fiction based on the newer James Bond films starring Daniel Craig. The fan fiction I have written is:

  • clean, meaning there are no sex scenes
  • there's a decrease in Bond's alcohol consumption, and
  • when Bond goes after bad guys, I have him capture them instead of killing them and he often shoots to injure them in order to capture them.

The fan fiction I have written also is about Bond's relationships with the three Bond girls he truly loved. His relationships with them in my fan fiction are chaste and I only describe him giving them a chaste peck on the lips, sharing passionate kisses when they're married, and things like that.
The information
about my fan fiction is just to give you an idea about my conscience and values.

  • Am I sinning even though I skip the sex scenes?


  { Is it sinful for devout Catholics to buy sexually-charged movies even if they skip the sex scenes? }

Bob replied:


I like the same movies. You are right and good to skip the inappropriate scenes and keep the questionable material out of your head. I often do the same thing. I think it is okay to watch these movies provided you do not find yourself allured by the fantasies they often project. There are some movies that are worth discarding, and I have done that too; I wouldn't count these among them.

Every guy wishes he were James Bond on some level, but when you stop to reflect on the more unsavory things he actually does, most guys would actually pass on assuming his identity.

We like it when our imaginations take us to unusual places; we just have to be careful how far it takes us. I get the impression you already do a good job of that. Above everything, pray the Rosary everyday. That will do more for the cause of your sanctification than anything else.

As far as your friends go, just invite them to pray the Rosary with you — that will help them to focus on the positive as well.


Bob Kirby

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