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ShouldIReport Savanna wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • If I know someone is attempting to sell cocaine to underage children, is it morally right or wrong to report them to the police?

The kids are the ones making the choice to buy it, and if I report them I'll have probably ruined their life if they get caught.

  • Should I just let fate and God handle it?


  { If I know someone is selling cocaine to children, is it morally right or wrong to report them? }

Bob replied:


The right thing to do is to report it.

The seller is perpetrating an evil; and underage persons, namely children, are being hurt.

The only thing that will ruin their life is continuous use of addictive drugs.


Bob Kirby

John replied:

Savanna —

I have to agree with Bob. It's certainly morally right to report it. The question really is:

  • Is it immoral not to report it?

The only caveats are:

  • Is she positive or does she have a fact-based suspicion
  • she heard a rumor.

That said, if this person is actually doing these drugs, then (he or she) has reached a point of seared conscience and, unless they are confronted, likely won't stop.

Selling cocaine is wrong Period. But in the case of adults, you can argue they are making a free will choice. That's arguable either way so there is less moral clarity with respect to her duty to report it but kids are way beyond any doubt.

  • What would she do, if she had evidence that a guy was molesting children?

Short of the seal of confession, there is never an excuse to not report the abuse of children, be it:

  • selling them drugs, or
  • molesting them.

Again, she needs reasonable suspicion, not just a rumor or speculation.


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