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Wrestling Wendy wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • As a Christian, where should I stand if the police want to use my garage to do surveillance on my neighbor because it's a drug house?

I struggle with what is right and wrong here. I want them and that circle of friends gone who gave my son heroin with fentanyl. It is only by the grace of God he didn't die, yet at the same time, I want to help the homeless tent people in the back yard.

  • Is it my duty to turn them in, get them arrested, help with the police investigation, and tell what I know if it's all truth?, or
  • Is it my duty to not bring them down but try to preach the Word of God, feed them, and help them find Jesus, etc.?

I have a big heart and I realize they are lost and have mental issues. I also realize these same people are killing others and are a danger to society. I am so confused.

  • Why do I feel bad if I help the police to turn them in and get photos with license plates, etc?

Please advise.

  • Where does my Christian duty lie?
  • (WWJD)?
  • What does Jesus want me and my spouse to do?

My own son struggles with addiction and he is a great and Godly person but has mental issues; he self-medicates and won't go to a psychologist. I am a pro-active mother and have even had a restraining order on him before.

Please, just tell me why and what I should do and where my Christian responsibility lies in such a situation and why I feel bad if I get them arrested or in trouble?


  { As a Christian should I let the police use my garage to surveil my neighbor since it's a drug house? }

Bob replied:


I am sorry for your troubles, but your confusion isn't helping anyone at all.

There are consequences to actions and protecting anyone from the natural consequences of their actions, which in this case, have legal/criminal implications, is never a fruitful path.

I would cooperate with the Police and let them do their job. It is difficult enough to apprehend those putting drugs on the street, but having someone stand in the way of that effort because they have some feelings about the people involved is just as deluded as a battered wife protecting her husband.

Get over it and do the right thing!! They may find God in jail, but it won't be because you held your tongue with the cops, or you preached to them. Love does hard things, and while this is hard, it is the right thing to let them reap what they have sewn and protect others.

That is the Christian thing, and what Jesus would do.


Bob Kirby

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