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Jerome Dsouza wrote:

Dear Respected ones,

I am 33-years-old and a very religious Catholic. My parents and I; and our very younger cousin brother went to another city for a prayer retreat organized by a Catholic priest and after a prayer retreat of three days, outside the church compound on the street, my younger cousin saw a host in the middle of road. We thought someone tried to steal It but lost it in the road where we found Him.

The Holy Eucharist is now in our house. Again, I didn't steal It from the Church but found It on the street.

  • Can you please tell me what I should do?

I would be saddened if you tell me to return It to the Church. I love Jesus and that same day, after the retreat, a counsellor brother told me about verse Exodus 33:14 and how the Presence of God will go with you and it happened when we came outside the church compound.

I found the presence of God!

Kindly help with an answer.


  { What should we do when finding a host on the streets after a prayer retreat organized by a priest? }

Eric replied:


The usual way of disposing of the Eucharist is to consume it. If it is not fit to be consumed, the alternative is for the priest to dispose of it by dissolving it in water until the accidents of bread no longer remain and it ceases to be the Eucharist. He would then, I believe, pour the water down the sacrarium, which is a special sink that goes right into the ground.

Your piety is admirable, but it is not proper for you to keep the Eucharist in your home without the bishop's permission.


Bob replied:

Dear Jerome,

Thank you for saving the Eucharist from further desecration in the street. It is best to bring the Holy Eucharist back to the priest to dispose properly. If that is not possible, and you cannot consume the Host, then it should be dissolved in water, where it will be desacralized.

This phenomena is indicative of the problems with communion distribution, especially during COVID. We must pray and offer sacrifices in reparation for these offenses against Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Sadly, these abuses are becoming more common.


Bob Kirby

Jerome replied:

Thank you beloved, for the beautiful answers.

Your reply was very pleasing, and for the love of God, please keep us in your prayers.

Thanking you!


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