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BeratedButReligious Bob wrote:

Hi, guys —

My friend told (not asked) me to be Godfather to his newborn child.

I have issues with the friend because he brings my spirits down with disrespect, asking me to smoke and buy stuff from him that I have no interest in. Once in a while, he physically threatens me.

He laughs at me and my dreams when I talk about them and recently said things like, "I'm waiting for my parents to pass to collect their money." He doesn't respect me enough to listen to me.

When I say don't call me after 10:00 pm, he contacts me after midnight (after I said not to) and uses words and phrases I repeatedly tell him not to use in my presence. Recently, I've blocked him on my phone and blocked him from my contacts.

I am religious but he has brought down my spirits for years and I don't know what to do.



  { How do I handle a "friend" who has told me I have to be his godparent and has no respect for me? }

Bob replied:


You are dealing with a toxic friend, and you need to extricate him from your life, because he is injurious to your spiritual, emotional and perhaps physical health. Therefore, you cannot be a godparent to his child. I would suggest praying for him and his family, but keep a distance.

The difficulty will be in making a statement of dissolution of the friendship. You can try and let things fizzle by avoiding him, but a direct word with him by phone or letter would be better.

Tell him you are moving on from the friendship because you find the relationship a negative factor in your life and need to tend to your own spiritual journey.

Wish him well and close the door.


Bob Kirby

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