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Questions about Purgatory and Indulgences
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Posting date Questions
June 2015 What does Purgatory feel like and do we get to choose whether we want to go there?
June 2015 If Jesus gave His Life and suffered for our sins why do we need to atone for our sins in Purgatory?
January 2015 Can I meet all my tithing obligations by having Masses said for the Holy Souls in Purgatory?
January 2015 Do we go to Purgatory (if necessary) when we die or do we sleep until the Judgement Day?
January 2015 Can non-Catholics go to Purgatory and, if so, why?
January 2015 What takes place after death and can you please explain Purgatory and include Scripture verses?
August 2014 Why do people go to Purgatory when the thief didn't and doesn't Saul disprove praying to saints?
August 2014 Can you answer questions on the Particular and Final Judgments and what about these accounts?
January 2014 Will my struggles in believing Purgatory prevent me from entering the Kingdom of Heaven?
January 2014 Do I have to believe in all of the traditions and in Purgatory in order to become a Catholic?
August 2013 Can you help me understand Purgatory better by answering these questions?
August 2013 Where are the Scripture passages in the Bible that discuss Purgatory?
January 2013 Doesn't the doctrine of Purgatory conflict with these two basic Christian doctrines?
January 2013 Can you help me understand these verses related to Purgatory and what these words mean?
January 2013 Can we pray for the souls in Purgatory and can we also ask them to pray for us?
January 2013 If Jesus died on the Cross and paid the ultimate penalty for our sins why do we need Purgatory?
January 2013 When one receives the Anointing of the Sick or Last Rites, is temporal punishment removed?
April 2012 What kind of sufferings are in Purgatory?
April 2012 Can someone who has committed a mortal sin get an indulgence after a perfect Act of Contrition?
April 2012 Can you tell me right now, whether my mother is in Heaven or in Purgatory?
January 2012 Will an enrollment in the Association of Marian Helpers for 15 years equal 30 Gregorian Masses?
January 2012 Is it all right that I submitted the name, of a friend who took his life, for the All Soul's Day Mass?
January 2012 What is Purgatory and what are indulgences?
January 2012 Can satan still torment a soul in Purgatory?
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