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Posting date Questions
August 2018 Am I being punished because I didn't go to an RCIA program and do you have any newbie advice?
August 2018 Though our families disapproves, will God approve if I marry a non-Catholic and have a family?
August 2018 As a Pentecost believer who is interesting in joining the Catholic Church, how do I proceed?
August 2018 Can you answer a few questions from someone considering converting to the Catholic faith?
August 2018 Can I become a Catholic if I am 15-years-old but have not been raised in a religious environment?
August 2018 If a profession of faith wasn't required for a non-Catholic entering the Church, am I still Catholic?
August 2018 Should I become a Catholic if I can't go to Mass every Sunday due to family commitments?
April 2018 Given his views, how do I persuade my husband to accept my decision to become a Catholic?
April 2018 If my partner moves out and we are not having sex before marriage can I continue with  RCIA?
April 2018 How does a scared Catholic wannabe handle all my previous abortions in Confession?
April 2018 As a lapsed Anglican, would my marital history effect the validity of my Baptism and Marriage?
January 2018 What should I do if I have wanted to convert for a while but have no Catholic parishes in my area?
January 2018 At 16, am I still able to receive all the sacraments and how do I accomplish this?
January 2018 Do I need to be validly baptized to join the Catholic Church and what's the Petrine Privilege?
January 2018 What should I do if my parents are Muslim and Kurdish but I want to join the Christian faith?
January 2018 What does a married Hindu have to do to join the Catholic faith and have his marriage blessed?
January 2018 Can I still join the faith if my wife and I are separated and a resolution seems like a faint hope?
January 2018 Due to the gravity of my sins, should I go to Confession before becoming a Catholic?
January 2018 Can you tell a young Unitarian Universalist who wants to be Catholic what's need for Baptism?
April 2017 If I get baptized, will my parents be saved too, seeing they have no interest in switching religions?
April 2017

Do you have tips for a non-practicing Southern Baptist drawn to being an active, faithful Catholic?

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