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Questions about the Catholic view of Justification and Salvation.
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Posting date Questions
Recommendation by: John DiMascio
How Protestants Still Get Justification Wrong by Stephen Beale recommended by John DiMascio
August 2021 Can you please explain what paragraph 841 from the Catechism of the Catholic Church means?
January 2020 Is this view of salvation correct, how can Muslims be saved, and do you have to be a Christian?
January 2020 Where are we left salvation-wise, now and later, if we can't stop sinning but still accept Christ?
April 2019 Is a person's salvation contingent on others and, if not, why should we pray and evangelize them?
August 2018 What do Catholics believe about the five Solas (Scriptura, Fide, Gratia, Christus, and Deo Gloria)?
August 2018 How do I reply to a Facebook posting that implies the only thing we need for salvation is the Bible?
January 2016 How do I reply to those who say we don't have to do anything to earn salvation — it's a free gift?
January 2016 How can God justify and forgive at the same time and if there is no charge, what is forgiven?
June 2015 How do I reconcile the Catholic and Protestant views on justification and salvation?
June 2015 How do I reconcile the Catholic and Protestant views on justification and salvation? — Follow-up
January 2015 If people are scared to become a Catholic is believing in Jesus good enough for salvation?
August 2014 How is the simple Protestant view of salvation wrong compared to the arduous Catholic view?
April 2014 Can unbaptized people get to Heaven and what happens to those unfamiliar with the Father?
January 2014 How can Heaven be Heaven if we find out that some of our loved ones were damned?
April 2013 Who has the more correct view on the salvation or lack of salvation for the non-Christian?
April 2013 With these requirements of Heaven in mind, would God still deny the prisoner entry into Heaven?
January 2013 What is the Catholic belief on non-Catholic Christians going to Heaven?
January 2013 Do people go to Hell who consciously don't believe in God?
January 2012 What are Baptists saying when they say Christ's work is done; all we have to do is believe in Him?
January 2012 How do Catholic Christians defend 'Romans 10:9'; when being saved seems pretty clear to me?
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