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Posting date Questions
August 2019 Can we have our child baptized without getting married in the Catholic Church?
April 2019 If the priest who baptized me was arrested and found guilty of crimes, should I be re-baptized?
April 2019 Is it OK to have our new Catholic daughter dedicated in a baby dedication at a Protestant church?
January 2019 If I only have a private faith but want to be a Godparent for my friend, do I have to be a Catholic?
August 2018 If he was deployed, can he still be her Godfather and can his name be added to the certificate?
April 2018 How would my husband's status: (still officially married in the Church) affect our son's Baptisms?
January 2018 Since my sister is having twins, does she need separate Godparents for each child?
August 2017 Does the Catholic Church accept Baptism performed by other Christian churches?
August 2017 Can my Godmother serve as Godparent to my child?
August 2017 Without using historical sources as in 1 Peter 4:11, where in the Bible is Baptism by sprinkling?
August 2017 If my current Godfather is not doing a good job can I unofficially adopt a better Godfather?
April 2017 If I get baptized, will my parents be saved too, seeing they have no interest in switching religions?
January 2017 In light of this pressure, am I being reasonable in requiring a Godfather be a faithful Catholic?
April 2016 Would it be OK if I asked my family priest to renew our son's baptismal ceremony?
January 2016 Is this a normal protocol, seeing we saw no harm in being baptized in Lake Michigan?
January 2016 Can you have three Catholic godparents?
January 2016 When an infant is baptized, does the priest need the hair they had at birth?
January 2016 Did my Oneness baptism make my Baptist Baptism invalid and is being baptized again a sin?
January 2016 Are Catholic parents allowed to be Godparents to a baby into a non-Catholic church?
June 2015 What are we supposed to do with the commemorative candle we received at Baptism?
June 2015 Is it wrong for me to l disassociate myself as a Godmother if my Godson doesn't acknowledge me?
June 2015 How does Baptism enrich and guide peoples lives?
June 2015 As professing Catholics, are these parents sinning by refusing to have their children baptized?
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