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Posting date Questions
April 2010 Can you inform me of the procedure to find out what year I was confirmed in the Church?
April 2010 If my Anglican husband, of over 20 years, is divorced and I'm not, should I have been confirmed?
April 2010 Is there Cannon Law that prevents patron saints from being placed on Confirmation certificates?
January 2010 Seeing I received the initial Church sacraments, is Confirmation required to get into Heaven?
January 2010 Is any consideration given to disabled people trying to get confirmed?
September 2009 What is Confirmation and what is Confirmation class?
September 2009 How old or what grade are children in when they receive Confirmation?
September 2009 What's needed for me to receive Communion, be confirmed, and receive the other sacraments?
September 2009 What effect will my marriage to a wonderful, divorced Catholic woman have on my Confirmation?
May 2009 Does the Church view me as having left and regardless of my marital history, can I be confirmed?
May 2009 Can the Religious Ed. teacher restrict what name my daughter chooses for her Confirmation?
February 2009 What good is Confirmation if she is not interested in the faith nor has the correct disposition?
October 2008 How do I get my boy's Armenian Catholic sacraments accepted and can we change the Godfather?
April 2008 How do I add a Saint's name to my name and can it go on the certificate of Confirmation?
September 2006 If I was baptized and made my First Holy Communion, have I been confirmed into the Church?
April 2006 Do I have to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation before getting married?
April 2005 How can Catholic doctrine say people can receive the Holy Spirit at Confirmation when the Scriptures say this in Acts 2?
April 2005 Can I receive the Sacrament of Confirmation again, seeing I had no idea what I was doing the first time?
August 2000 If I had an abortion before Confirmation, will I be forgiven; and was the Catholic Church the first?
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