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Posting date Questions
January 2011 Why doesn't the Church distribute Communion to the faithful saying, the Body and Blood of Christ?
January 2011 Do Catholics practice ritualistic cannibalism when partaking in the Eucharist?
January 2011 Can I receive Communion after Confession if I had no First Communion and am not confirmed yet?
January 2011 Since blood has its own element, is it theologically good to say Transubstantiation is symbolic?
August 2010 Do you have to be confirmed in order to receive your First Holy Communion?
August 2010 Should I receive the Eucharist without going to Confession and, if its wrong, why do so many do it?
August 2010 How do I respond to my ex-girlfriend and how she feels about the Eucharist and going to Mass?
April 2010 How do I handle these situations with Hosts when visiting the sick as an Extraordinary Minister?
April 2010 Why don't we just receive His literal Body and Blood instead of the consecrated Host and Wine?
January 2010 What is an Orthodox Christian, what do they believe, and is it OK to receive Communion this way?
January 2010 Why is transubstantiation vital, what is Mary's role, why is she venerated, and did Mary ever sin?
January 2010 Are Catholics the only ones who believe in the Real Presence and what do Episcopalians believe?
January 2010 What is the proper way to dispose of (possibly consecrated) hosts from an old Communion set?
September 2009 Do Catholics celebrate the original Passover every day we celebrate the Eucharist?
September 2009 Why isn't this child able receive the Blessed Sacrament without an allergic reaction?
September 2009 Do you still have to be in a state of grace to receive Communion and how is this marriage invalid?
September 2009 Can I attend Mass and receive Communion if I am not always faithful to Church teachings?
September 2009 What is going on after Mass when the priest brings out a relic and places the Eucharist inside of it?
September 2009 Can a Protestant who affirms the words of Jesus in Scripture receive Holy Communion?
September 2009 Did I do the correct thing in this situation after receiving the Eucharist?
May 2009 Did I unwittingly bring down judgment upon myself by receiving Holy Communion unworthily?
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